Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am sad to say that Nick and I will be heading home and back to reality tomorrow. It has been so very nice just relaxing,sleeping in and having A good time.Yesterday was Moms birthday so we went to Fridays before dinner. After diner we went to the Nickelback concert which was so much fun and very interesting. It was A simple reminder of why I would never reside in South Florida ever again. Today we slept in which was so nice because I never get to sleep in at home. We relaxed by the pool all day and had A cookout.So Nick and I will be headed home tomorrow. Back to work it is... I am just glad we got to come down here and visit with my mom and matt. Next weekend we have the GREAT STRIDES WALK..I am begging you to please donate if you haven't yet. No donation is to little just click on the great strides widget. Thanks so much to everyone who already has. Have A great week.. XOXO Always

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