Friday, April 17, 2009


The other day I was reading Lyndsay's pink coffee photography blog that I am COMPLETELY addicted to,you should really check it out
She had A post about What makes her smile and what well didn't.While reading I started thinking of things that make me smile. I think all too often we concentrate,talk about,highlight or dwell on the negative things in our life,Causing everyone to look like they are sucking on A lemon.(I myself have been so guilty of this). I think if we all took the time to put as much positive energy into the world as we do negative with our complaining the world would be a much more pleasant place to be in. This morning I was having A kind of crazy not so good morning running A little late and forgetting my lunch at home.While I was waking into work A homeless man riding his bike said "Good morning" with A huge smile on his face. I was so amazed at how much that little good morning and smile from a complete stranger made my morning so much better. With that in mind I began to think of the things that make me smile,Which made me smile even more.When you are having A bad day or are put in A negative environment or just because, Think of the things that make you smile and I guarantee you your day will get A little better. Don't forget pass it on because you never know how that little ray of sunshine will effect someone else.

What Makes Me Smile
  1. Praising God for what he has done for me
  2. A good picture
  3. Every day when I wake up and know that I have another day with my husband
  4. Finding Money in your Winter coat
  5. My Brother and Sister and their unconditional love for me
  6. My dog Jag
  7. A phone call from A old friend
  8. Breakfast for dinner
  9. Playing hookie
  10. A fresh coat of paint on my toes
  11. Strawberry Lemonade
  12. Going to work every morning and getting lots of hugs from the babies in my class
  13. Making A wish at 11:11
  14. doing something for A good cause
  15. Finishing A to do list
  16. When people tell me they love my blog
  17. When Nicks comes homefrom the Dr. and tells me his numbers are good
  18. Rain on the roof at night
  19. A sunny morning the next day
  20. A compliment from A stranger
  21. A new pillow BIG shiny earrings
  22. When I find A pair of jeans that fit JUST RIGHT
  23. laughing
  24. A good parking spot
  25. Seeing another couple who is truly in love
  26. Saying "I told you so" inside
  27. A random hug from someone you love
  28. Puppies
  29. A newborn baby
  30. Green lights all the way home
  31. When I tell Nick he cant make me laugh.... And then he does
  32. A day at the beach
  33. Good BBQ
  34. A great spirit filled church service
  35. My family
  36. When I see I have A new message in my myspace inbox
  37. laughing so hard my stomach hurts
  38. A good sale
  39. When Nick charges my cell phone for me

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