Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nicks IV

WOOOHOOO Nick is getting his IV taken out tomorrow. FINALLY I know its only been two weeks but it seems like forever. Nick has been so restless at night so I am happy he will be able to get A good nights sleep now. Nick will be getting it pulled tomorrow and then have to have the port flushed once A month. Just ANOTHER tedious routine Nick has to do. Anyways.... We are still packing and moving NO FUN but it will be over soon. Just thought I would keep everyone posted as everyone is ALWAYS asking about Nick. It is so good to know that people really do care about ya and take the time out of their busy life to come by and see how he is doing or ask about him at church. Nick hasn't been wanting to go to church as people are kinda inquisitive about the port and I guess he didn't wanna have to answer A million questions when he was recovering but I have been going and someone has always asked how he is doing that means so much to me... Anyways. Hope everyone is having A good week I know I have A busy weekend coming up. Love to all... XOXO

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Colin D. Shots said...

Hi I'm 26 and have had a port for the past 3 years. I would always have a nurse access it, but this past weekend I needed to change the needle and I did it myself. It is easy. As long as Your husband isnt squeemish.

Colin Maydahl