Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines with Jen and Adam

Happy Valentines Day yall!!!
I had off today and so I was pretty happy to be able to sleep in this morning. I was pleasantly surprised that Nick had already got movie tickets for us tonight. We were going to go to Carrabas and then found out there was A hour long wait, I should have known better. We ended up going to Sushi Rock for some Japanese (Nicks Favorite) and sat next to the nicest family. After dinner I was so excited to head over to Cami Cakes and indulge in A little cupcake heaven. I was SO disappointed to get there and there was literally only 10 cupcakes in the window, none of which were my favorites. Nick and I walked around the mall for A little bit and headed towards the movie theatre passing by Cami Cakes again where there was only one lonely cupcake in the window...How Sad yall
We went and saw the movie Just go with it with Jenifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

This movie was simply perfect,everything I love in A movie. Nick and I literally laughed through the whole movie,It was A perfect date night movie. I suggest this movie to you and guarantee you it will not disappoint. Can I also add that Brad Pitt was SUCH A fool for leaving that girl, She is so gorgeous.

Happy Valentines Day....

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