Monday, November 1, 2010

Better late than never

Last week was Nicks 25th birthday! We were so wrapped up in Halloween parties and the new house that I didn't even blog about it...Shame Shame Shame... I know
I was SO excited about Nicks birthday, He was turning 25!!!!
I don't know about you other CFers but birthdays are kind of A big deal around here. From where Nick was in his fight with CF last year to where he is today is HUGE. He has kicked butt this year and really worked hard to be where he is today.Nick and I were talking the other night and we realized that he had made it 10 years past his death sentence. His Dr told his Mom when he was born that he probally wouldn't make it to see his 15th birthday! So I am pretty confident in saying I have the most amazing and incredible husband. I cannot be more proud of him as my husband and as A person!!!
HAPPY 25th NICK!!!!
I love you !!!

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