Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday Nick had A Dr. appointment,poor guy was so nervous about weather or not he was going to have to go on IVS.I am so happy that he gained A couple of pounds considering he works so hard just to maintain his weight.Unlike all of us he doesn't gain a pound when he eats those yummy debbie cakes,I know it is just not fair. His lung function went up A point,,,,Can I get A WHOOT WHOOT!!! Going up is better than down right yall?
Nick was SO happy about this he absolutely hates it when his numbers go down any,He for sure thought he was not going to have to go on IVS.Everything seemed to be going well,Then the Dr. came in and noticed that Nick had not had A chest c-ray since his last hospitalization back in October.So she sent him on his way for A chest x-ray. Just as we were getting ready to leave IV free....She came in and said "Your not going to like me"
She said that when she was comparing Nicks chest x-ray from last year that she noticed A "Blurb". Yes yall A BLURB,Not quite sure what this meant but apparently it was A bit of concern to her. She said that it was A bit of junk that is on the sides of both of his lungs.She thought that by him going on Ivs and doing extra air clearance that it would take care of these BLURBS. She said it was nothing to be to worried about since Nick was not sick but she defiantly like seeing those
Once again we have to remember that CF is A progressive disease and unfortunately these things are gonna happen.I was so sad yall,Nick went from being so excited that he was not going to have to be on ivs to just pitiful.As soon as she said" I want you to go on IVS" his whole face just changed,He looked so defeated.It just kills me inside to see him this way.As much As I try to hide it he knew I was upset and then it was making him upset. Ughh CF is such A monster!!!
He was happy that he was not sick though but just kinda bummed,Rightfully so. His Dr.sent off A culture to see what he was resistant to and all that goodness.When the results come back from that hopefully by Thursday Nick will start two weeks of IV antibiotics.Two weeks of discomfort and misery,It is what it is though like it or not.

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