Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Nick and I just got back from A mini vacation from Ft. Lauderdale. We had A great time, It was so nice to just get away and RELAX. While we were down there we had a cookout which was great we got to see everyone and play catch up.We got the call that our shirts for the Bowling For Breath event were ready and we could not wait to see them...
We were so lucky to have the people at Expert Ts donate the printing for 120 shirts, How awesome is that.Then Mrs.Nancy Mason raised the money to purchase the shirts for us,She really is such A blessing.
So Nick and I are gearing up for the BIG event this weekend, I am really nervous. We have worked so hard to make sure all goes well and that it is a fun event.It probably doesn't help that I am a bit of A perfectionist when it comes to planning something,My wedding planning was OUT OF CONTROL!!
 So not only are things crazy with the event coming up I also got A promotion at work to A customer service manager. Nick and I are really excited about this,We hope it will open more opportunities for bigger things in the future.With that being said I hope that everyone is coming to the Bowling For Breath event as it is going to be A BLAST!!! Click HERE to get the information or just shoot me A comment.

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