Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Im too sexy for IVS

HA!,,,,, No IVS until August....
Nick had A Dr. Appointment today and we thought it was time for A round of IVS since he hasn't been on since last August...Almost A year... Well we were wrong, Which made Nick A very happy man.Nicks lung function were not what I or anyone would like to see them..28.
Nick has been busting butt working hard, And looking sexy doing it I must add... I can say that I'm the wife... Anyways I dont want to face it but its reality that Nick is getting older and I just think this is where he is now...He has maintained that 28-34 lung function for almost A year now, While working hard. So that is where we are at. Dr. said she would like to see him back after we go to our camp in June and probably have A round then.
This made Nick very happy and we celebrated with lunch at China Buffet, Nicks Favorite. So Thank you all for the special thoughts and prayers they always mean the most...We love you all so much and you have become such A huge part of our lives. We love our cf family... XOXO

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