Monday, May 10, 2010

A couple projects

Nick and I have been pretty busy lately working on some projects that we have.When we went down to Ft. Lauderdale to my Mom and Step Dads they had A bar by their pool. It was so nice, We are not big drinkers but it was nice for people to gather around and sit at. It just ads A whole new element to the back yard, Especially since we like to entertain. So Nick has bar fever,We were at home depot WAY too long getting supplies to make A bar. I am so happy to say I have A handy man for A hubby, He can do and make just about anything.

Here it is before the stain
And After, We still have to add the bamboo
Then today I wanted to go outside and work with Nick A little, Well I got distracted. This hideous ugly lamp caught my eye, I just knew I could make it into something purdy. Nothing A little sandpaper and spray paint wont fix. I got so ahead of myself I forgot to take A before picture (GASSPP) I know shame on me. Anyways here is the after I looooveee it ...

I love the little key

I am also making bows,pacifier clips and travel wipe cases  now and selling them I have had some luck and it is so much fun to do

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Carrie said...

Love it all!