Monday, April 26, 2010

Vacation Pictures

Well...Sadly it is back to reality. Vacation is over but we had A AWESOME time,It was really great to see the family. Here are the pictures from vacation there are so many so Instead of writing about it I am just gonna put up the pics and give ya A caption. Enjoy!!!

Vacation begins....With A 6 hour drive
My Mom and Step Dad hanging out
My Moms garden...I thought the set up was neat
Cooking with Mom
Nicks the bartender,Friends from Camp Billy and Mo came to visit
Group picture, Mom thought it would be funny to jump in..
Our first night there, Just relaxing
Something was realllly funny
Getting ready to go out
Billy Nick and I
 Mo and I, Poolside
Nick and I getting ready to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D
I went and visited with some old childhood friends of mine...
This is Krisitina and I
Kristina, Billy and I
Nick of course watching the draft...Which we are
So disappointed with BTW
Mom and I at IMAX

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