Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just some random thoughts of mine... If I offend you I am truly sorry....Consider yourself warned

Do the astronauts hear the sonic boom in the shuttle?
How can people not belive in God?

Why do people think its OK to bring your child out in public with no clothes on....ITS NOT OK

Please people, STOP asking Nick and I when we are going to have kids...It WILL be A while unless God gives us A miracle....This would be nice

I really miss our apartment

I am so thankful that Jag likes riding in the car

Today Mrs. Campbell gave us Nicks shirt for free for the walk, That was really nice and made me smile

I am so thrilled about these adorable little rings in the gumball machine at walmart.

I wish everyone had common sense

I am sick of having to beg people to donate 5 dollars to our great strides team.If you dont have it just tell me so I can quit asking you

I am SO beyond excited to see my Mom and Step Dad tomorrow.

I am really not feeling leaving Jag for almost a week.

I love the red hot chili peppers

I love doing these random thoughts things, I think its therapeutic

I am so happy that it is summer and I can wear my hot pink nail polish
I am sooo in love with my new necklace and earring set that I just bought for 2.99....yes I said 2.99
I despise packing and unpacking

I am now off to pack......

I wish I could make something to make A lot of money.

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