Monday, April 12, 2010

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini


Today was the day that I dread the most of all through out the year,BATHING SUIT SHOPPING!!
I will have to say however that this year was A little easier on the eyes due to my teenie tiny bit of weight loss.I swear they are all are sooooo small or I am just that big. I eventually found one at Wet Seal.After going back and forth between Wet Seal and Pac Sun. The lady at Pac Sun was SO sweet and took her time to really help me. I love people who are in the customer service area and actually show GREAT customer service.
Nick and I are getting our selves ready for A much needed vacation to visit my Mom and Step Dad in Ft. Lauderdale. I cant belive it but it has been A whole year too long since I have gotten to see my Mom and Step Dad. I miss them too much and wish that we lived a lot closer than we do. They just recently purchased a gorgeous house in my hometown of Hollywood Florida. I cant wait to go see the new house and go out on the boat for A day. It is really nice down there but by the end of my vacation I am sooo ready to head back to my little hometown.

Due to A lot of people not being able to come for various reasons we changed the date. I really wanted people to be able to make it so now it is on THURSDAY APRIL 29TH @ 6:00.Also MOON RIVER PIZZA will be providing Pizza along with goodies from Edge wood bakery. How YUMMY! Please comment me and let me know if you will be attending and need directions...Cant wait to see you all there.

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