Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls Day

Yesterday I picked up my little sister from school for A "GIRLS DAY". I had SO much fun and really enjoyed spending time with Mackenzie. She has such A great personality and the older she gets the more I see myself in her,Which is kind of scary. Mackenzie and I went and got some lunch at Callahan Bar B Q of course. After that Mackenzie and I hit up one of the local thrift stores to see if we could find anything to makeover....We didn't find anything to great but I did pick up A old cookie sheet for .25 cents and plan on turning it into....Well you will have to wait on that post! Mackenzie was not feeling the whole thrift store shopping thing,So we soon headed to town for our pedicures. Mackenzie told me A while back that she had never had A pedicure,So with that in mind I told her I would take her.I myself was in need of A pedicure as well,It feels SO good and is so relaxing. Mackenzie was so adorable,She would not stop smiling the whole time. I am so thankful to have A sister who is so funny,beautiful and smart as she is,She has A heart of gold. I am so excited to see what this ambitious young lady grows up and turns into. Yesterday was A nice reminder that I need to slow down and take the time for what matters most. Happy Feet
Today is also my Grandmother (Mom Moms) birthday.This woman is one of the most important people in my life.She is actually my Step grandmother,But has never treated me anything other than her own.She has embraced me for me from when I was younger all the way until the person I am today.She is always there with A listening ear and GREAT words of wisdom. I know that I can count on her to listen to what I am going through and steer me in the right direction,even if I do not want to hear it.She has not only been A Grand mother to me but A spiritual mentor and example. She has opened my eyes to so many things and for that I am grateful. Mom Mom, I Love you and Happy Birthday!!!!
Mom Mom with our fur baby Jag
Out to dinner @ Bostons last summerOur trip to San Diego

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