Sunday, February 21, 2010

What A weekend

This past weekend was such a great weekend, I feel so blessed. Do you guys ever feel like God has A sense of humour? Friday evening Nick and I went to visit his sister,her husband and the our nephew Trace. Every time I see this little guy I fall in love all over again. It warms my heart to see Nick and the way he holds him and looks at him. I just know that when it is our time Nick is going to be the most amazing father and I am so thankful for that.
Trace and I
Nick with his NephewLater on that evening we got A call from our friends Brad and Brittney who also just had A baby boy named Chase. If you remember, Courtney and Brittney actually had Trace and Chase on the same day. Anyways they have been so busy with the baby that they wanted A night out so Nick and I along with Brad,Brittney and Courtney and Chuck all went out. We all LOVE the Ale house, The food and the atmosphere there is GREAT and it is fairly cheap. It was so nice to get out and catch up, For them as well not having the babies for the night. Afterwards we thought it would be fun to all go bowling, WE HAD A BLAST.
Everyone @ the Ale House, YUMMY
Brittney and IThe new MommiesTrying to bowl and beat NickHe won,As always :( I know it is kind of late but I hope you all had A great valentines day. I personally don't feel like I need that day to tell the people around me that I love them . I swear it was A holiday that Hallmark came up with. It is still fun though to take the extra time to do something special for whoever that person might be. Nick surprised me with the LIVE LOVE BREATH necklace that I have been wanting. It is So special to me and I love it, I will post soon on where you can get it.
Yesterday Nick and I along with my little brother went to A wedding. A high school friend of mine, Alicia was getting married. Her and Ryan looked perfect and so happy together and Alicia was A stunning bride. It was nice to see some familiar faces of high school friends and catch up.They got married on Amelia Island plantation and it was SO pretty.
Ryan,The GroomThe MOH Brittney and I Cameron,Nick and I The beautiful bride Alicia and IAs most of you know Nick has been working EXTREMELY hard since news of the possible lung transplant. He is trying to get his lung function up so that he can prolong the need for the transplant. Nick has A Dr. appointment tomorrow and I cannot wait to see his numbers. I pray that they are way up and that he is doing well. More than likely Nick will start Iv antibiotics this week since it has been about 2-3 months. Please keep Nick in your prayers tomorrow. Have A GREAT week and remember it is what you make it...XOXO

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Somer Love said...

Hope his Doc apt went well!!

Love the pics! Wow talk about baby fever... Must be something in the water ;)