Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little of this A little of that

Courtney and Chuck with Trace Colton Courtney with her Mom,Gram and Trace Trace and ICourtney and Gram with TraceWhat A handsome lil fellaUncle Nick and Trace... Hey everyone, I hope you all are having A GREAT week and if not just smile it will be over before ya know it. Things have been kinda crazy around here, in A good way thank goodness. Last night we got to visit with our little nephew Trace, I tell you baby's are some kinda wonderful. I look at this little guy and my heart just melts, They are so amazing. When he was born I was holding him and I was in awe that this little baby with hands and toes and all was inside another being,Its just so incredible to me. Courtney and Chuck are doing really well too other than the sleepless nights that come along with being new parents.

On another note, Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I am so proud of Nick and I. We made the new years resolution to get into the gym and get healthy. I wish that everyone would jump on the band wagon with this one because I tell ya I feel SO much better every day. Not only have I lost 15 pounds I am not so tired all of the time and it is so great to be able to go and work out with Nick. He is doing GREAT and loving the changes he sees in himself. Working out for someone with CF is not only important but ITS A MUST DO.

Since the beginning of the new year Nick has had A new medicine plan through medicaid and medicare. We are all SO frustrated with the insurance companies. Nick takes quite A bit of different medicines every day. Some of which can cost up to 3,500$ for each prescription. The lovely insurance that he has only wants to cover so much of the script leaving us with A 350$ co pay. This mind you is for only one script, They do this with several of his meds. Thankfully Nick and I along with his Mom have found companies who will pay for his 350 dollar co pays. Then Nick goes to pick up his hyper tonic saline, Which is pretty much salt water and they tell us that his insurance doesn't cover any of it and its 150.00. So now we are stuck trying to figure out how we are going to get Nick this med that he NEEDS. Thankfully while we search around we have A friend who has the same stuff and had extra.

Its just SO stressful that we have to deal with stuff like this. I know I am complaining/venting A little here but I also know that I am grateful for his insurance in return. Without them he would have no meds, I just wish they were A little more caring and understanding. We still have not heard much back from Nicks Dr. regarding the transplant evaluation. Nick has A Dr.appointment on the 26 hopefully we will hear something then. I hope everyone has A GREAT day and remember it is what you make it.

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