Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not so good

Nick has been doing A study for inhaled cipro. He loves doing the studies because it helps with new meds for other cfers like himself,and it doesn't hurt that they pay well. So Nick has been doing this study for inhaled Cipro. He has seemed to like it alot and the lady who does the studies was LOVE.Yesterday Nick came and had lunch with me and he seemed kinda bummed. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he got kicked out of his study. Apparently his numbers were not that great. They don't like you to do the studies if you are not feeling well because they don't know if its from the study drug or just you. So no more study for Nick and his Dr. thought it would be A good idea for him to do IVs. So he will be starting those tomorrow. It just is so frustrating because I am not home with Nick during the day to see if he does his stuff. I just trust that when he says he does that he is. Nick is in the vicious cycle . He gets sick and feels like crap and swears up and down he is going to do all his meds and all his air clearance and eat right so he does for about a month and A half. Then he starts to feel like superman and thinks he can stop because he is feeling better and then he is right back at square one. It is SO frustrating to watch as his wife. Is my husband the only one who does this. I just want to pull my hair out sometimes. Anyways I am just venting A little but I think it is good he is going on IVS before our vacation to Ft. Lauderdale next month . Hope everyone is having A good week... XOXO Always


CFlover said...

Oh how well I know this very same cycle!!! uhh
Hope all is well

Graciy said...

Josh is the same way! I know i can speak for both kellee and myself when I say you are not alone!